[78-L] OT Amazon Goes A-Wooing other agents?

warren moorman wlmoorman3 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 13:41:14 PST 2013

Last week I bought the Blanche Calloway cd on Chronological Classics from a source on Amazon-I thought.
It was listed as used-like new, and described as still in the shrink wrap, despite being OP for many years. That made me wonder, but I thought perhaps they'd uncovered some left over dealer stock somewhere. The price was in the mid-twenties, just about what they've sold for on B-Aye (most of these CC issues sell above their initial list, with some having absurd asking prices). I was tired of waiting for a copy at auction that would be winnable at a reasonable amount, so despite the dear price I ordered it. When it came it was shrink wrapped (loosely), but the cover looked suspiciously pixilated, and upon opening I saw that it was clearly a bootleg, with a scanned tray card, and the cd was obviously a burned copy. The certain give away was that the booklet that accompanied CC releases was missing; they'd just copied the front cover for the cd front.
The kicker was that when I went back and looked, they were still listing a copy for sale, used-like new, shrink wrapped. But the price was almost three dollars less than I'd paid. Then the next day, same thing, except the price then was a dollar and a half less than mine! So they've clearly been dealing with "other agents" of some sort.   
I'm still working to resolve this. The seller was "marvelio" from Pennsylvania.


I'm just wondering if these suppliers actually have their
catalogue in stock, or if they order stuff from yet other agents?

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