[78-L] tabulation of 78-Ls five favorites

Bill McClung bmcclung78 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 20:48:40 PST 2013

Thanks to all who contributed their lists of their five favorite artists on
78s. The thought was to list those artists you would choose to hear that

In January, 2011 13 members sent lists.  This time 33 members did.

8 people sent lists both times.  Of these 1repeated 4 artists, 3 repeated
3, 2 repeated 2, and 2 repeated none.  So it was sort of true that if we
were asked on successive days we would not repeat ourselves.

Here are the artists mentioned.

Henry "Red" Allen
Andrews Sisters
Louis Armstrong (6 times)
Gus Arnheim
Gene Austin
Mitchell Ayers
Mildred Bailey (3)
Mattia Battistini
Sidney Bechet (2)
Thomas Beecham
Bunny Berigan (2)
Bix Biederbecke (3)
Earl Bostic
Boswell Sisters (3)
Al Bowlly
Lou Breese
Milton Brown
Henry Burr
Wyona Carr
Enrico Caruso
Harry Choates
Arthur Collins
Collins and Harlan
Comedian Harmonists
Zez Confrey
Bing Crosby
Bob Crosby
Frank Crumit (2)
Vernon Dalhart
Jimmy Davis
Will Denny
Dinning Sisters
Tommy Dorsey (2)
George Edgin
Cliff Edwards
Roy Eldridge
Duke Ellington (3)
Doc Evans
Edward Favor
Helen Forrest
Stan Freberg
Wilhelm Furtwangler
Errol Garner
Clifford Gibson
Benjamino Gigli
Lloyd Glenn
Benny Goodman (5)
Wardell Gray
Grayson & Whitter
Annette Hanshaw (2)
Happiness Boys
Phil Harris
Coleman Hawkins
Joe Haymes
Richard Himber
Billie Holiday
Buddy Holly
Sol Hoopii
Jack Hylton
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Bunk Johnson
Lonnie Johnson
Al Jolson
Spike Jones
Irving Kaufman
Kessinger Brothers
Fritz Kreisler
Sam Lanin
Aaron Lebedef
Lecuona Cuban Boys
Little Walter (2)
Ricardo Martin
Tandy McKenzie
Connie McLean
Glenn Miller (2)
Bill Monroe
Jelly Roll Morton
Billy Murray (3)
Bennie Newahi (2)
Ray Noble
George Olsen
Charley Parker
Charlie Patton
Les Paul
Pied Pipers
Dan Quinn
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Django Reinhardt (2)
Fred Rich
Bob Roberts
Doc Roberts/Asa Martin
Jimmie Rogers (3)
B.A. Rolfe
Yossele Rosenblat
Tino Rossi
Tito Schipa
Artie Shaw
Ann Shelton
Ben Smith
Bessie Smith
Snuff Smith
Walter Smith
Willie the Lion Smith
Hank Snow
Dick Stabile
Aileen Stanley
Stanley Brothers
Ebe Stignani
Leopold Stokoski
Sunnlyland Slim
Conchita Supervia
Tampa Red
Jack Teagarden (2)
Joe Venuti
Bea Wain
Fats Waller (5)
Michael Warlop
Felix Weingartner
Paul Whiteman (4)
Margaret Whiting
Bert Williams (2)
Clarence Williams
Hank Williams
Lester Young

with 6 Louis Armstrong
with 5 Benny Goodman, Fats Waller
with 4 Paul Whiteman
with 3 Mildred Bailey, Bix, Boswell Sisters, Duke Ellington, Billy Murray
with 2 Red Allen, Sidney Bechet, Bunny Berigan, Frank Crumit, Tommy Dorsey,
Annette Hanshaw, Little Walter, Glenn Miller, Bennie Nawahi, Django
Reinhardt, Jack Teagarden, Bert Williams
with 1 104

As last time, I'm amazed at the range of artists mentioned.  Thanks to all
who contributed.  I'll ask again in a year or so.

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