[78-L] eBay spoofers

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 28 10:00:28 PST 2013

We were talking about this problem last year. I haven't had it crop up for a 
while but here's what one seller says, and I'm quoting with permission:

> I Found a way to identify .spoof bidders. I also Have another store on eBay
> selling music equipment. I noticed on there, some time ago, that people with
> little to no feedback bidding on my stuff.... So I went into the advanced
> search.... there you can put the members ID and search everything they are
> bidding on. It is not fool proof but it has saved me a couple of times as it
> lists everything they have bid and won in the last 30 days. So if you're selling
> a keyboard and the guy has already won bids on 4 other keyboards... then I ask
> the question why. I look closer , cancel their bids and block them.
> I found out through a little investigation that these members are other people
> selling the same stuff as me , and because mine is cheaper, or better or
> whatever the reason ... they bump up my price making theirs look better.
> eBay needs to do something about this... Make it harder to have more than one
> or two IDs unless you're like me with two stores....
> The problem is that eBay is ran by computers and people who just work at home
> answering a phone.
> I thought of an idea of getting together a few like minded people and sharing
> block lists. I saw one guy selling his block list for 1 dollar lol...
> One way or another I intend to make this a safe marketplace for both Buyers and
> Sellers.

Anything here we don't already know?


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