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If it's the same Betty Van, she preceded Martha Tilton with Benny Goodman
and sang a terrific vocal on her one Goodman record, "Afraid To Dream" in

Dave Weiner

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>"Bob and Betty" are vocalists on Crown 3251: "Sing a Song of Contract", a
>song about contract bridge composed by Sigmund Spaeth.  Whether they are
>the same people, I do not know.  Their last names are not given.
>Paul Charosh
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>Lawdy,  lawdy, I've just discovered the worst big band vocalists ever.
>Musso  and his Orchestra, on a Keystone transcription (the cutting looks
>MacGregor), with BOB STEVENS, who makes Will Oakland sound like Paul
>and BETTY VAN, who can't pronounce the letter "r" or any other
>vowels and is adenoidal to boot. Anybody ever heard of these  characters
>other context? Did Vido get a record date and just grab  two people off
>street? The songs are pretty awful too (and sound  sight-read).
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