[78-L] E*AY Seller Complaint - Bait & Switch on a $300 Record

Mike Harkin xxm.harkin at yahoo.com
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If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it IS! [ancient Lower Slobbovian proverb]
"Playing to your emotions" is putting it politely.  Used car salesman is about right

Mike in Plovdiv

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In this case, I'd return it for sure. Even if the seller does not agree, go 
to Resolve a Problem - Not As Described, and start the process. After you 
explain the situation, the seller will have a chance to respond and offer a 
refund, full or partial. If you decide to accept what the seller offers (if 
anything) than you can close the case without escalating it to a dispute. If 
the seller does not respond or will not offer a refund (which would be 
stupid considering Ebay's policies), then you can raise the case to a 
dispute at which time Ebay will take a few days to decide in your favor. 
Once that is done, all you need to do is return the item with some form of 
tracking and ebay will refund the money for the original purchase and 

And no matter what Mike says, I also feel that the description is REALLY 
misleading. It seems to be specifically worded in a way to take advantage of 
unseasoned collectors who think they are getting a chance of a lifetime deal 
(which the seller makes sure you know!).
Why else would anyone even offer a $300 buy it now on such a thing if it 
were not to trying to play to that emotion? Not criminal, but certainly not 
a stand up deal. It's got used car salesman all over it.

Malcolm in GA

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Here are some pictures of the record I received:


Compare that with the photos and description in the auction.  It is the same 
silver label record, just a different one.

'Twould have been nice to have received an original gold label Paramount of 
this record, even in this condition.

Still haven't heard from 2ndfiddlerecords.  Keeping my fingers crossed! 
Also, there was $2.31 postage due at


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Clifford --  Looking through this listing,


he tells a very long and detailed story about how John Steiner
produced the black and silver pressings in the late 40s.  As Roger said,
he knew he was selling a late 40s replica, and actually he is telling
you that in the listing.  As Harold said, he should tell you it is a
replica if it is, and he DID tell you.  In the specifications under sub
genre he states "John Steiner: Paramount Records".

You say that the record you received is not the one in the photo. Is it
a black and silver?  Or did he actually sell a black and gold original
from the 1920s.  If what you got is a black and silver, whether or not
it is the exact one in the photo, he told you what it was.  If there is
significent label damage, that is not noted in the description or photos
and you might luck out and get a refund.  But you can't get a refund by
claiming it is a 1920s original because his description never said it
was.  If the label damage is because it is a black and gold original,
you did better than could be expected!

Mike Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
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