[78-L] Out of office until 1/7/2013^

Mike Harkin xxm.harkin at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 13:58:12 PST 2013

Does anybody know who this schmuck is when he's at home  -- or in this case in his orifice?  If I were in his office, I'd be thinking 'good riddance.'  Anal retentive  with a ven-

Mike in Plovdiv

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On 03/01/13 20:45, Michael Biel wrote:
> If we keep getting these messages we ought to CC our postings to Nathan
> Ellis (nathan[at]wallstcom.com) and  Rae Morrow
> (rae.morrow[at]wallstcom.com) .
> Mike BIel  mbiel at mbiel.com
Does this mean if one closed office sends a message to another closed 
office, then the message will bounce back and forth ad infinitum?

      Julian Vein
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