[78-L] Charlie Waldo's Band (sic.)

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On 02/01/13 20:55, Don Chichester wrote:
> Discovered this LP in an overlooked pile:  Endura (S)ELP1001, "Razz-ma-taz", featuring Buddy Morrow, Peewee Erwin, Joe Tardo (sic.), Bob Wilbur and others.  Anyone have any further info on this LP?
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 From Lord 10.0:

Razz-ma-taz [We Don't Know What It Is But It's Great]:
Pee Wee Erwin, Carl Poole (tp) Buddy Morrow (tb) Ray Eckstrand, Bob 
Wilber, Lenny Hambro (cl) Romeo Penque (b-cl) Joe Cribari, Bernie 
Leighton (p) Al Caiola, Art Ryerson (bj) Joe Tarto (tu) Buddy Christian 
(d) Molly Lyons, Bernie Knee (vcl) Neil Stanley (impressionist) 
Dardanelle (narrator) George Williams (arr)
unknown location & date, prob. 1970's
     Everybody step    Endura ELP1001
     When I get you alone tonite          -
     Po' lil tug          -
     Wanna go back to Chicago          -
     Who's sorry now ?          -
     I ain't got nobody          -
     All alone (by the telephone)          -
     Goin the wrong way honey          -
     Singin' in the rain          -
     This is the end          -
Note: Jazz content is limited.
Endura ELP1001(mono) = (S)ELP1001(stereo).

      Julian Vein

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