[78-L] Hawaiian Guitar Instructional Records

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Mon Dec 31 09:01:05 PST 2012

I received a really fun advertising piece for Christmas, It is from an outfit called the New York Academy of Music and is  selling a Hawaiian guitar instructional package, including guitar, chord chart, and 78-rpm instructional records.  The opening line says it all: "You are no doubt enthused and excited this very minute with the anticipation of becoming a Hawaiian Guitar player--and we don't blame you." Indeed!

Does anyone out there have copies of these or other Hawaiian guitar instructional records?  I've been writing about a Hawaiian guitar player here in Virginia and I have access to some of his records and sheet music.  Just wondering about the various means of instruction.  By the way, there's a good section about how Willie Eason learned to play in Robert Stone's book on Sacred Steel.

Gregg Kimball

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