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> The extra-musical  details do spice things up, yes indeed!  As a coin collector might wonder if his Henry V penny might have been in some archer's pocket at Agincourt, or
> his William & Mary shilling have passed through the hands of Purcell....
...or if this silver coin ever was in the hands of Jesus Christ. or one paricular Apostle....


Betcha in real life [i.e, not on e-barf] it sells for a whole lot less.  Collectors call it the Tribute Penny, but it could just as well been any of Tiberius' or Augustus'
denarii circulating at the time that included the title Caesar; the bible doesn't the
particular type used for illustration.  Just to keep all  this on 78's, imagine if you like  a 7-inch G&T of the Sermon on the Mount, recorded live!

Mike in Plovdiv
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