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>> But to play a few 78's after a delicious dinner, served on your
>> favourite china, accompanied by a glass of vintage Claret, with a good
>> book at hand...who would complain?
>> Kristjan

You left out the s*e*x !!!!

Mike in Plovdiv
>> On 2012-12-29 00:53, Cary Ginell wrote:
>>> Model railroad, auto, and wine enthusiasts all enjoy active enjoyment of their hobbies also. Unlike wine, we discophiles can consume repeatedly, not just once.
>>> Cary
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>>>>> I'd still prefer to collect records instead of stamps though.....
>>>>> So would I, actually.  You can only look at  a stamp, not listen to it [even if it commemorates a musician], whereas a record you can do both.  Double the bang
>>>>> for your buck.
>>>>> Mike in Plovdiv - who must satisfy his addiction now with cd reissues, the record
>>>>> collector's methadone....
>>>> =================
>>>> Record, and film collecting, are the only "living, breathing" preserved
>>>> art forms. The rest you can only gaze at.
>>>> On the question of the visual arts, I don't find watching musicians
>>>> performing their art on film very satisfying. Every time you watch it's
>>>> exactly the same, whereas if you are just listening, your imagination
>>>> can run riot--you can imagine what the musicians look like, where they
>>>> are placed in relation to each other, the decor of the studio, the
>>>> lighting etc. In order words, your perception can change with each playing.
>>>>       Julian Vein
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