[78-L] Record store closure

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I'd still prefer to collect records instead of stamps though.....

So would I, actually.  You can only look at  a stamp, not listen to it [even if it commemorates a musician], whereas a record you can do both.  Double the bang
for your buck.

Mike in Plovdiv - who must satisfy his addiction now with cd reissues, the record
collector's methadone....

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>On 28/12/12 17:38, Robert M. Bratcher Jr. wrote:
>> If somebody ever comes up with a cure for the record collecting bug (addiction) then I don't want to know about it. Not ever!!
>Like any addiction, it's always the next fix that's gonna make you feel 
>good! Stamp collecting would involve less schlepping though!
>      Julian Vein
>And weigh less and take up less space -- even after you put them in albums.  They used to be beautifully engraved as well, like banknotes, now they just look like the Sunday comics.  Feh!
>Mike in Plovdiv
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