[78-L] Paul Robeson question

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Wed Dec 26 15:20:35 PST 2012

Does anyone have a comprehensive Paul Robeson discography? I have a few Russian 
and Czech recordings to try and document, 78s and lps, as well as a couple of 
reissues on Harmonia Mundi and Supraphon which give no indication as to source, 
date, recording location. And one of the Russian lps has only cyrillic on the 

USSR LPS (both 10-inch):

2723/2724 (all in Cyrillic)
2864/2865 (Western lettering, names and titles still phonetic Russian)

USSR 78:
16192/17080: Water Boy/Ol' Man River (this side may come from lp 2864/5)

40156: ANGLICKA PISEN/SPI, ME BABY (pianist is A. Jerochin)

12" lps are
SUPRAPHON 11 0417-1. 1989 issue, 1955-58 recordings; Alan Booth is pianist for 
most cuts, Lawrence Brown plays on one, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee (spelled 
McChee) are on one track

HARMONIA MUNDI LDX-S 4338..may be some duplication with Supraphon; Alan Booth 
and Lawrence Brown, pianists (not specified as to which tracks)


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