[78-L] Best 5 Acquisitions 2012

Bill McClung bmcclung78 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 10:16:54 PST 2012

I had fun this year with 78s.

My 5 best acquisitions this year--

Crystal Springs Ramblers--found two of their three 78s--Fort Worth
Stomp/Swingin' to Glory Voc 3646 and Swingin' and Truckin'/Down in Arkansas
Voc 3856. Recorded in June, 1937.  Early western swing.  Twin fiddles, alto
sax, string bass, tenor banjo, guitar, piano.  I think it's hot stuff.

Kenneth Threadgill--I think his only 78.  Mean Mama Blues Lasso 107. Indy
Austin, TX label.  With Delores and the Bluebonnet Boys.  Threadgill opened
a gas station/restaurant north of Austin in the early 1930's and in the
60's had Wednesday night open mic sessions where he welcomed anybody to
sing and play including all those Austin hippies and drop-outs including
Janis Joplin.  Restaurant is still open now owed by previous owner of the
Armadillo World Headquarters.  www.Threadgills.com.

Little Willie John--his first. Mommy What Happened To Our Chistmas
Tree/Jingle Bells  Prize 6900.  Indy Detroit label.  Never thought I'd see
it.  Found it in Memphis.

Washboard Sam--Bucket's Got a Hole in It/When My Love Change  Bluebird
7906.  Been looking for this for years.  One of my two favorite versions of
Bucket (other is by T. Texas Tyler).  This version has whores and drugs and
hootch and vice squad and a great trumpet solo by Perk Williams.  Play this
and then play the Hank Williams or the Ricky Nelson.

And I got to count those 20,000 78s and 5,000 45s from that New Orleans
warehouse from this Spring.  Only had time to go through about a third of
them but have already found some good stuff including a surprising 100+
Texas label Spanish 78s I didn't already have.

Happy holidays, You-all, and a wonderful 2013.

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