[78-L] Drew Barrymore (wuz: Danny Boy - a Christmas tune? Really?)^

Malcolm Rockwell malcolm at 78data.com
Mon Dec 24 09:06:58 PST 2012

Well I think she's cute as a button and she's lively and bright eyed 
enough. Whether anyone's actually at home in there is another question. 
And since when did lack of brains ever stop one from being an actor? Or 
a celeb?
Boy is this off topic. I'm pretty sure she never made a 78 although it'd 
be just fine if she brought me one for Xmas!


On 12/24/2012 6:44 AM, L78rpm at aol.com wrote:
> She's a Barrymore.  Isn't that enough?
> pc
> In a message dated 12/23/2012 5:27:34 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> dlennick at sympatico.ca writes:
> On  12/23/2012 4:52 PM, Julian Vein wrote:
>> On 23/12/12 21:02, David  Lennick wrote:
>>> Today I was assaulted by some female  singing
>>> "Sleigh Ride", totally off key. If I had to guess, I'd say  it was
> someone like
>>> Drew Barrymore (who is also homely, a bad  actress and an inarticulate
> moron and
>>> will someone please tell me  when her contract ends with TCM?).
>>>   dl
>> ========================
>> I take it  "homely" means the same in Canada as the USA?
>>      Julian Vein
> Yup, she sets a nice table and polishes the  silverware. I see I've started
> a
> bit of a backlash with this off-topic  reference, but mygawd, somebody
> please
> introduce her to a dictionary, a  vocal coach and a  comb.
> dl
> _

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