[78-L] A very preliminary Schirmer discography

Philip Fukuda 78rpm at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 16 10:34:54 PST 2012

It's a start. I only have a few Schirmer 78s, plus I gleamed some info from Rust and The Blue Pages.

Corrections and especially additions welcome!

Casper Reardon and his Orchestra. Loulie Jean (vcl).
New York, February 5, 1940
2015	I Can't Give You Anything But Love - vLJ	Schirmer 511
2016	I Got Rhythm					Schirmer 512 A
2017	Easy To Love - vLJ				Schirmer 511
2018	They Didn't Believe Me - vLJ		Schirmer 512 B

Sheila Barrett with Sam Walsh piano
New York City ca. late June, 1940
553	The professional southern girl 		Schirmer 5501 A (12 inch)
552B	The chorus girl 			Schirmer 5501 B (12 inch)
2042	The Socialite Singer (You go to my head)	Schirmer 5502 (12 inch)
2043	Make Like Garbo				Schirmer 5502 (12 inch)
--same, July 1940.
2088	Mad about the boy (Noel Coward)		Schirmer 5506 (12 inch)
2089	Constructive criticism			Schirmer 5506 (12 inch)

Georges Barrere, Flute and Colin McPhee, Piano
unknown date
2097	Lagu Ardja (Ardja Melody)		Schirmer 515 A (album set 17)
2098	Kambing Slem (Black Goat)		Schirmer 515 B (album set 17)
Colin McPhee and Benjamin Britten, duo-pianists
unknown date
2100	Rebong (Love Music from Shadow-Play)	Schirmer 513 B (album set 17)
2101	Pemungkah (Overture to Shadow-Play)	Schirmer 513 A (album set 17)
2102	Gambangan (Intermezzo)/Lagu Delem (Music from Shadow-Play)	Schirmer 514 A (album set 17)
2103	Tabu Telu (Ceremonial Music)		Schirmer 514 B (album set 17)
(Album set no. 17 entitled “The Music of Bali”)
Lee Wiley(vcl) acc. by Eddie Condon's Quintet / Sextet:
Billy Butterfield(tp-on first three titles only), Ernie Caceres(cl,bs), Dave Bowman(p), Eddie Condon(g), Bob Haggart(b), George Wettling(ds).
New York, ca. February 1942
2111A	Down With Love				Schirmer 2008 A (album set 18)
2111B	Stormy Weather				Schirmer 2008 B (album set 18)
2112A & B	Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Schirmer 2009 B (album set 18)
2113	I've Got The World On A String		Schirmer 2009 A (album set 18)

Lee Wiley(vcl) acc. by Eddie Condon and His Orchestra:
Bobby Hackett(cor), Lou McGarity,Vernon Brown,Buddy Morrow(tb), Ernie Caceres(bs), Dave Bowman(p,celeste), Eddie Condon(g), Bob Haggart(b), George Wettling(ds).
New York, ca. February 1942
2115	Fun To Be Fooled			Schirmer 2010 A (album set 18)
2116	You Said It				Schirmer 2010 B (album set 18)
2117	Let's Fall In Love			Schirmer 2011 B (album set 18)
2118	Moanin' In The Morning			Schirmer 2011 B (album set 18)
(Album set no. 18 entitled “Lee Wiley sings Songs by Harold Arlen”)


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