[78-L] Jazz solos on film

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Thanks to Doug for mentioning Bob Gordon...what a fine  player,  very "light 
on his feet" for a baritone sax tooter.

He worked with Lennie Niehaus and is on many of his earlier albums.  Also I 
have a little 10" LP where he's the leader...it's called "Meet Mister 
Gordon" and the opening track is a great fast version of Tea For Two.


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> One excellent West Coast baritone saxist was Bob Gordon.
> Died young in an auto accident in 1955.
> Doug Pomeroy
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> Also, my short-term memory's not as sharp as it used to be.
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>> Just been watching a 1956 movie called "The Violent Years", with a
>> screenplay by Ed Wood, but fortunately not directed by him. The
>> background music includes some milk-and-water rhythm-and-blues and
>> boogie woogie, but in one scene there is some decent jazz being played
>> at a party, which is appears to be emanating from a blue label Decca (!)
>> on the radiogram. Actually, the R&B appears to be coming from the same
>> source. It features  pretty decent tenor and baritone sax and piano
>> solos (not all complete). I don't recognise any of the soloists. The
>> tenor sounds a bit Getzian, but the baritone doesn't sound like any of
>> the usual suspects of the time like Serge Chaloff, Leo Parker, Cecil
>> Payne, Sahib Shihab, Mulligan etc. I don't know if it comes from a
>> commercial record or not.
>> I was thinking someone like Brew Moore or Herbie Steward for the tenor,
>> but the baritone has me puzzled. Presumably, they were all West Coasters.
>>      Julian Vein
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