[78-L] Another Record Breaking experience

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net
Mon Nov 19 18:00:22 PST 2012

On 11/19/2012 7:27 PM, J. E. Knox wrote:
> Greetings from FixitLand!
> Mark Bardenwerper wrote:
>> ...Still mourning,
>> Proud owner of one near mint shattered Decca, Lou Breese, Tennessee Fish
>> Fry (song from 1940 World's Fair "The American Jubilee") .
> Decca? Lou Breese's "Tennessee Fish Fry" is on Varsity 8326, mx US 1784-1 (reverse is "A Latin Tune, A Manhattan Moon And You," US 1787-1). I've got a copy, but probably not a dupe copy I can give you; can you use a transfer? (Will check to see if I do in fact have a dupe.)
> The Decca release of that song was by Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra. A blue Decca and a blue Varsity have similar-colored labels, both with gold print.
> Sorry to hear of your loss. Absolutely regrettable and absolutely preventable.
> Take care,
>> J. E. Knox "The Victor Freak"
Yes I made a mistake. It certainly is (was) a Varsity. I do have a very 
rough copy.
This story has a happy ending. Bix Eiben at Jazz Museum Bix Eiben, 
Hamburg has decided to sell me his E copy. He is offering at less than I 
paid for the broken one, though shipping will be high.
I am down to only one title missing now, Varsity 8406 Will Osborne, East 
Dubuque Breakdown/Lou Breese, Breezin' Along With The Breeze.

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