[78-L] Willie Howard on Gala, was Re: Gala: different label styles, is it the same company?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
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Thanks..I knew there was something like that in the album liner but my copy is 
in storage. And that info confused me as well. No doubt the album was reprinted 
once or twice. And who are Messrs Danziger who are credited as producers on 
both the Willie Howard and Belle Baker albums? I assumed they were Gala 
Records, but Ben Lane has been named as the label's owner.

The Belle Baker matrix numbers are nos. 103/108, so there are 8 more masters 
between that set and Willie Howard's. All are conducted by Harley Dainger, a 
name I've seen only on this label. And the Willie Howard album is quite 
possibly the worst recorded and the worst pressed of any major Broadway star. 
Too bad, because the material is very funny, and the Jessel-Jolson-Cantor 
sketch is brilliant.

(Comes the revolution YOU'LL EAT strawberries and cream!)


On 11/18/2012 3:32 PM, Philip Fukuda wrote:
> A 1939 or 1940 recording date makes more sense if the Belle Bakers were recorded then too. I thought it was '42 since the inside cover of the album says Willie Howard is now the star of the Broadway hit "1942 Priorities."
> Philip
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>> VERY useful information. Rust doesn't list these sides at
>> all, but under Belle
>> Baker he lists her 6 Gala sides as "c. 1940".
>> dl
>> On 11/18/2012 11:17 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
>>> There was an earlier discussion of Gala on this forum,
>> where Thomas informed us:
>>> Just found a review of the GALA album (#1) in the NY
>> Times,
>>> this would put the recording into 1939 at the
>> latest...
>>> Best wishes, Thomas.
>>> NYT January 14, 1940
>>> Comedy and Songs by Willie Howard. (Gala Records, six
>> ten-inch sides, $2.75)
>>> One of the many new recording outfits waxes Professor
>> Howard in some of his
>>> famous bits "French Taught in a Hurry," "Tyrone
>> Shapiro," "Impressions of the
>>> Moscow Art Players," "Comes the Revolution," and
>> Imitations of Jessel, Jolson,
>>> and Cantor.  Enough said.
>>> han enderman
>>> ===
>>>>>> Here is the information of the circa 1942
>> Willie Howard Gala album. It was Gala album 1 entitled
>> "Willie Howard in an album of Comedy and Songs." Sides are:
>>> 1000A: French Taught in a Hurry, part 1 (115A)
>>> 1000B: French Taught in a Hurry, part 2 (116-1B)
>>> 1001A: Tyrone Shapiro (119-1A)
>>> 1001B: Moscow Art Players (117A)
>>> 1002A: Comes the Revolution! (118-2A)
>>> 1002B: Jessel, Jolson and Cantor (imitations) (120B)
>>> By the way, Belle Baker is on Gala album 3.
>>> Philip Fukuda
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