[78-L] Cartrdge Ringing problem SOLVED

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 15 09:59:09 PST 2012

One reason I hate the N78S stylus from Shure is that it won't take any added 
pressure and will not play any record with the slightest warp. It's also 
incredibly delicate..I managed to twist one while simply cuing a disc that had 
a groove defect or a bit of tape over a cracked edge. It's good for some discs 
that otherwise mistrack but nowhere as adaptable as the S78E or the Stanton 2.1 
TE (the Stanton, not the after market replacement that Expert makes, which is 
also useless for 99% of my needs).


On 11/15/2012 11:39 AM, Martin Fisher wrote:
> Me too DL.  The worst problem I have is when working with a lacquer (home recording) that's cut too close to the applied label.  If the stylus mounting is riding too low and the label is the slightest bit curled up it will make contact with the cartridge and you'll get a thump or the cartridge will completely mistrack.  In these cases I usually resort to gluing the label back down or easing up on the stylus weight for the last few revolutions and then editing in software.
> Martin
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> This is my favorite part of the solution:
> I remounted the cartridge with a goodly amount of Scotch
> I get the occasional ringing, bumping and scraping when the mounting hits the raised matrix numbers on some records. This wasn't anticipated in the days of longer steel needles.
> dl
> On 11/15/2012 11:10 AM, Martin Fisher wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> For a long time I've been experiencing an odd sort of resonance when playing (transferring) certain records (mainly lacquers) that's been driving me crazy.  It was more of a hollow scraping sound that could partially be alleviated by wet playing and even more by summing to mono in the final mix.  Finally I believe I've found the culprit and solved the problem.
>> I'm using Stanton 500 AL / 400.V3 carts in combination with Technics
>> head shells on two modifications of a Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable.
>> Cutting to the chase, through quick experimentation this morning I
>> found the problem to be caused by the standoff flange type mounting of
>> the cartridge.  I reason that this flimsy mounting was allowing the
>> cartridge to oscillate (rock) in a vertical plane independently of the
>> head shell and tonearm at the fulcrum point where the cartridge body
>> was attached (?spot welded?) to the mounting flange.  What was needed
>> was a good solid connection between the two components of the
>> cartridge body and the head shell.  Since this is not easily
>> accomplished by modifying the mounting assembly the next best thing
>> was a good amount of damping which would effectively accomplish the
>> same thing.  I remounted the cartridge with a goodly amount of Scotch
>> removable Adhesive Putty filling in every void between the cartridge
>> body and head shell paying special
>   at
>>    tention to the spaces in front and back of the mounting flange.
>> While it's not a $450 ultra rare teakwood&   ebony modification and
>> might not have the fine sculpted lines the audiophile crowd might
>> demand........it sure gets the job done.  All of the things we love
>> are still there but the horrible hollow scrape is completely gone!!
>> :-)  Onward&   upward.  Comments welcome
>> Martin

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