[78-L] Gala: different label styles, is it the same company?

Philip Fukuda 78rpm at sbcglobal.net
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Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't seen any Gala issues derived from Keynote or Apollo yet. 

I agree. All the ones I've heard were pressed on gravel (er, horrible-sounding shellac). 


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> Earliest Gala are credited to Novelty Record Co. in the
> Empire State Bldg., which was also promoting a Turf Derby
> gambling/puzzle record in 1943/4. Ben Lane was the owner
> until he sold out to Jubilee in 1950. Label colors may
> reflect the pressing plant used for any particular run ;
> i.e. grey with red print may be Keynote pressings, Aqua and
> silver or green and silver may be Apollo.
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> All the same company, as far as I know. Green labels on the
> risque material as well..Charley Drew. I don't think Gala
> ever reissued the Schirmer Wiley set (could be wrong) but
> they definitely repressed the Rabson's, on absolutely
> horrible shellac. ARLD lists only one Gala label in the 40s
> (there's another in 1959), owned by one Ben Lane, with
> various New York addresses and issue dates between 1943 and
> 1950.dlOn 11/12/2012 12:14 PM, Philip Fukuda wrote:> I've
> come across three different Gala labels. Are they the same
> company or different?>> 1) Black labels with silver
> print. GALA in semi-Gothic lettering in front of a theater
> curtain. I've seen the Willie Howard and Belle Baker albums.
> All Yiddish material?>> 2) Red labels with GALA in
> block lettering. I've seen reissues of Lee Wiley material
> from Rabson's Music Box and Schirmer.>> 3) Black or
> red labels with Gala in script lettering. I've seen risque
> material from Dwight Fiske and others.>> Thanks,>
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