[78-L] turntable hum mystery

Doug Pomeroy audiofixer at verizon.net
Fri Nov 9 12:45:21 PST 2012


Can you turn off the turntable motor without turning off your phono preamp?
That would allow you to rule out vibration from the motor as a source.

Doug Pomeroy
audiofixer at verizon.net

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> Listers,
> Last time I posted about hum on my turntable, it was solved by checking 
> the ground connection. It was loose, and tightening it made a huge 
> improvement.
> Later I was thinking I was hearing much hum from the records. Surely 
> they didn't record that much hum in so many records did they? Upon 
> further investigation, it appears not to be from the records. It is only 
> when the table is on and the stylus in contact with the record. Lift the 
> stylus even the tiniest bit and the hum goes away. Turn the thing off, 
> even with the stylus on the record, and the hum goes away.
> So how is the hum getting into the system? Neither vinyl or diamond are 
> conductors of electricity. So I've ruled that out. Bad p.s. caps giving 
> off EMR that the cartridge is picking up? Seems unlikely, in that 
> picking up the stylus even the tiniest bit causes the hum to cease. If 
> the leak were in the air I would expect the hum to remain as long as the 
> cart was within a certain proximity.
> Whaz goin' on here?
> -- 
> Joe Salerno

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