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Hi, Chris,
Japan is one of 165 countries that have signed the Berne convention, an 
international agreement that provides minimum standards for copyright 
law. For sound recordings it is 50 years and applies to both European, 
US and other recordings.
Now the European Community has decided to prolong the copyright term to 
70 years, a decision which, as far as yet, hasn't become law. Japan has 
no obligation to follow the EC principle, just as European countries, 
until now, have operated independently of US copyright laws. Which is 
the reason, for instance, why Nat "King" Cole's 1950's recordings are in 
Public Domain in  Europe, but not in the US. When EC's 70 years 
copyright term becomes law, we may all have to turn to the Japanese 
recording industry to buy our Nat "King Cole" compilations...

On 2012-10-06 18:51, Christopher Steward wrote:
> Hallo,
> I'm looking for someone who can give me information about recording copyright in Japan; specifically, if a company in Japan reissues Western recordings that are out of copyright in Europe, does Japanese law give any protection to those recordings? And does Japanese law operate in a similar way to European as regards the use of, and payment for, copyright music?
> I should be very grateful for any definite answers.
> Chris
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