[78-L] New record auction #137 is here!

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Thu Oct 4 20:22:16 PDT 2012

Hi Everyone,

Auction list #137 - "An Autumn Serenade" is now available.  There are close to 1800 items listed with truly something for everyone.  Here are some of the highlights:

*Five inch concert cylinders
*Brown wax cylinders
*Presidential and political speeches
*14" Pathe discs
*Two and four minute cylinders
*European needle tins
*Berliner records
*Early single face labels
*Vertical cut labels
*Historical and personality 78s
*Empty storage albums and record sleeves
*Vintage record catalogs and supplements
*Books and periodicals
*Early sheet music with artist photos
*A large collection of V-Discs
*Jazz, including a large jazz piano collection
*Jazz and blues reference books
*Dance bands of the 1920s and 1930s
*Classical Edison Diamond Discs from a new/old dealer stock
*Many early classical music sets
*Classical vocal,  piano and instrumental selections
*And much, much more.......

Visit our website at www.thoseoldrecords.com and turn to the "What's New" page.  There you can download a PDF file of the auction and see a picture gallery of some of the highlights.  Or, if you wish, you can request (off list, please) either a free printed catalog by surface mail or a PDF file of the catalog sent by email.  Our email is hawthorn at thoseoldrecords.com.  Be sure to include either your postal address or your email address with your request and ask for auction #137 - "An Autumn Serenade."  And don't forget the closing date which is November 16, 2012..
SPECIAL FOR LIST MEMBERS!  If you have never received any of our lists, be sure to ask for the 10% New Bidder Discount Coupon.


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