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> MHR 115  Suppertime
> MHR 116  Summertime
> MHR 117 Little Black Boy
> MHR 107 Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe
> MHR 112 Throw the Dirt
> ??? ??? 100 Years From Now.
>> It's actually listed as "A Hundred Years from Today," and is numbered MHR 108. Also MHR 107 is billed (incorrectly) as "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe," both on the label and on the album >> itself.

-- Jack Raymond

I thought "Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe" *was* the correct title of that song, although I've frequently seen it listed as "Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe." Similar to the way that "Over the Rainbow" often shows up titled "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."


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