[78-L] Coon-Sanders: Little Orphan Annie

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And this is the one that sounds so wrong

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There is a cymbal crash at the beninning of the track in my CD Coon-Sanders,
Vol.3 (TOM Mb-113)


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<I have this on LP (Vintage Series) and a digital that a friend dropped over
the transom.  The LP issue lacks a cymbal crash that opens the digital
version.  I've heard <others that open with a similar cymbal crash on 78 but
this one sounds kinda disjointed and rather wrong, as if the digital picked
it up from the end of a previous <file/track.  I have had that happen when a
program dropped track spilts in the wrong places, frinstance, and this crash
seems awkward enough that I can see why the LPV <editors might have removed
it even if it was legit - and we know they did that, too.   These seem
otherwise identical.  Anybody with a 78 who can confirm/qualify/deny the
<authenticity of either Lp or digital version? 

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