[78-L] Ted Wilson Musicraft pressings WAS Casa Loma "White Jazz"

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Aug 22 05:10:10 PDT 2012

I don't have any on 78, but have a few on Musicraft LPs and CD. There is 
a little fuzziness, but they sound like they were dubbed from another 
source (16" lacquers?), which were slightly worn. I don't think any of 
the TW solos were issued on British Parlophone, although some of the 
band sides were.
      Julian Vein

On 22/08/12 12:55, Tim Huskisson wrote:
> Hello Inigo,
> I can't find any evidence that these sides were issued on (British)
> Parlophone. Do you happen to have catalogue numbers for any of them?
> Many thanks
> Tim Huskisson
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> I've always quivered about another similar general fuzziness....
> I love Ted Wilson's piano playing, and the marvelous 1946 recordings of
> Musicraft set TEDDY WILSON PLAYS #N7, records #369 to #372,
> matrixes:
> 4 om 5461
> 3 om 5462 b
> 4 om 5463
> 5 om 5464
> 3 om 5476
> 4 om 5477
> 2 om 5478 a
> 4 om 5480
> All them have a strange fuzzy sound, at least in my Musicraft late
> pressings, which are indeed in a strange shellac-ish material not well
> tolerated by bamboo needles.
> Does anyone have noticed this problem?
> These records were imported into UK and issued in Parlophone, and also in
> spanish Odeon (EMI product) with a better shellac quality and I think,
> better sound.
> But they seem to be dubs, and the original matrix nos. are not visible...
> I don't know who made the dubs... if they were made in the UK or in Spain,
> as I own some of the the spanish Odeons only.
> anyway, dubs made by EMI Spain carried TI, TII... and so on indicators, and
> these don't show this.
> Pity that my Odeon (better than Musicraft) pressing of Strange Interlude got
> broken in the silliest of ways...
> Temporarily parked in Provence, France,
> Inigo Cubillo

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