[78-L] Pre-recorded DAT..ever seen one?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 21 15:05:42 PDT 2012

It was a great machine. Repairs to mine would have cost far too much and I had 
a line on a couple of Tascams, but the 3700 can display the error rate at any 
time. It would NOT play anything recorded at 32 (archive speed) which is why 
the DA 20 and even the ancient JVC are still in use.


On 8/21/2012 4:48 PM, Royal Pemberton wrote:
> Just for grins I got my SV 3700 out a few weeks ago and tried it....still
> works, amazingly enough.
> On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 9:39 PM, David Lennick<dlennick at sympatico.ca>wrote:
>> The CBC recorded at 48.1 and I believe the BBC did as well. Intersound
>> provided
>> me with a JVC recorder, consumer model, which as I may have mentioned would
>> record only at 48 from analog inputs and I had nothing digital to feed it
>> anyway..this was in '92 when EVERYTHING was expensive including new CDs and
>> blank DAT tapes. Today I can transfer anything and my stand-along HHB cd
>> burner
>> does automatic rate conversion.
>> Oy, those Sony machines. Doorstops. A lot of people used them in the early
>> days
>> and never wound the tape to zero so you wouldn't have an absolute time
>> code,
>> and sometimes would start the recording RIGHT at the beginning of the
>> tape..ever tried to add a start tone to one of those so you can copy it?
>> My Panasonic 3700 died years ago. I've been using Tascams since then.
>> dl
>> On 8/21/2012 4:31 PM, Stewart, Joseph R wrote:
>>> There's no indication on any of the Delta Music/Capriccio R-DATs as to
>> whether they're 44.1 or 48 kHz.  If I had to guess I'd say the latter, but
>> I have no way of knowing because, as I said yesterday, we don't have any
>> working machines.  When moving from our old location on campus (2 old
>> houses) to a brand-new classroom building in 1998-9, we had to store a
>> crapload of older equipment, LPs, etc. in a warehouse in downtown
>> Springfield... which later FLOODED in heavy rains in the summer of 2000.
>>   Most of our R-DAT recorders were there in storage as we were transitioning
>> to an all hard drive-based audio recording/editing system.  We used the
>> Panasonic models Dave Lennick is so fond of... later bought a few
>> piece-o'-junk Sonys that never worked right from day one.  And they're all
>> that's left of our collection of DAT machines at KSMU.
>>>          I found an old article on the Baltimore Sun's website from
>> Nov.11, 1990, stating that Delta/Capriccio's commercial R-DATs were priced
>> at a whopping $28 each!  We got 16 titles here at KSMU, including
>> Marriner's Schumann Symphony cycle with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony; Ton
>> Koopman playing Bach keyboard music; Sandor Vegh&   Camerata Salzburg in
>> Mozart; and jazz titles by Toots Thielemans and other, less-well-known
>> players.  Catalog numbers for the titles we have range from "99 016"
>> (Chamber Music for Trumpet played by Ludwig Guttler) to "99 210" (the Ton
>> Koopman Bach album).  The jazz titles had an "88" prefix. Again, that's
>> just for the 16 tapes Delta Music serviced us with--they released quite a
>> few more than that.
>>> Randy Stewart
>>> Arts Producer
>>> KSMU
>>> 901 S. National
>>> Springfield MO 65897
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