[78-L] Pre-recorded DAT..ever seen one?

Jack Raymond jraymond at alumni.princeton.edu
Sun Aug 19 11:05:50 PDT 2012

David Lennick wrote:

> I knew the format never caught  on with consumers but I didn't realize
 > any major labels ever released anything on DAT.

I don't know about major labels getting into the DAT field; but Schwann 
listed DAT pre-recorded tapes in its May 1988 issue, I believe for the 
first time.  There were 44 titles by Delta Music (on the Capriccio, 
Delta and Jazzline labels) and 8 titles on the GRP label.  I bought one 
of those on the Delta label -- "Action Movie Themes" from Apocalypse 
Now, Delta Force, Karate Kid, Rambo, Rocky III, etc.

-- Jack Raymond

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