[78-L] Fine Sound, Barbara Cook, Continental was Not ONE mention..

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Interesting items - questions:

FINE SOUND 905 - Alec Wilder
  What was the market for this 10" ??  Was this a "custom" operation, or marketed by Fine Sound ??  What others??

Barbara Cook - Songs of Perfect Propriety URANIA
  IIRC, this Stereo album was pre conventional 45/45?? system - perhaps 2 styli ???  Is that misremembered?
  The 2nd album Cook recorded for Urania (Hart) was reissued on LP, and CD (a couple of times), but not the
first album of Dorothy Parker lyrics.  Anyone know why it has not been re-issued???

CONTINENTAL - CLP 16000 series
  Were there any ABOVE 16009
  What were 16000, 16001 (did they start at 0 or 1) ....

Best wishes, Thomas.

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Speaking of whom, I have "The Callas Legacy" listed on eBoyardee as a Buy It
Now. Scroll down and see the other goodies en route (pardon the plug).


On 8/17/2012 11:49 AM, Marie Lamb wrote:
> And add another: Maria Callas died on September 16th, 1977 at the age of
> 53.  I want to make sure to mention her because her first commercial
> recordings were 78s for the Cetra label in Italy.
> Marie
> On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 12:52 AM, Cary Ginell<soundthink at live.com>  wrote:
>> And don't forget that Groucho Marx died three days after Elvis, on August
>> 19. Bing Crosby left us less than two months after that on October 14.
>> Three absolute giants of 20th century entertainment, passing away within
>> only a few weeks of each other.
>> Cary Ginell
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