[78-L] Victor COULD make decent recordings when it had to..

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 14 12:48:01 PDT 2012

I wonder if they used the Republic studios for Artie's sides? That was their 
choice for classical recordings in Hollywood after 1945 and they did some nice 
ones there.


On 8/14/2012 8:30 AM, neechevoneeznayou at gmail.com wrote:
> A. different standards for that day
> B. the engineers had standards that more closely matched your own
> C. Management was deaf, but occasionally had a lucid moment
> joe salerno (no lucid moments lately)
> On 8/14/2012 6:47 AM, Jeff Sultanof wrote:
>> I've asked that question repeatedly over the years. Their 1931-34
>> recordings are particularly beautiful (I think of Ellington and Armstrong
>> sides). The 1944-early 49 NY recordings are incredibly dry, although the
>> Artie Shaw Hollywood sessions in 1944-45 are also beautifully recorded.
>> Jeff Sultanof
>> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 10:58 PM, David Lennick<dlennick at sympatico.ca>wrote:
>>> I'm just listening to the JUNGLE BOOK album with Sabu, Miklos Rozsa
>>> conducting,
>>> and recorded at the Lotos Club in New York in 1942. The sound is
>>> incredible,
>>> the studio is live, you'd think this was recorded in the 50s. Why did
>>> Victor
>>> generally make such terrible recordings in its own studios for so many
>>> years?
>>> dl

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