[78-L] Cleaning bare aluminum discs?

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net
Sun Jun 24 15:57:07 PDT 2012

On 6/24/2012 5:40 PM, Julian Vein wrote:
> On 24/06/12 22:01, Bryan Wright wrote:
>> Recently at an antiques store, I picked up some 10-inch bare aluminum
>> discs, including one intriguingly labeled "Paul Whiteman and His
>> Orchestra" and dated June 17, 1938. The records are filthy and have
>> some matter in the grooves. Can anyone offer any tips for safely
>> cleaning these things? I need a method strong enough to clean the gunk
>> out of the grooves, but obviously I don't want to damage the records
>> (which otherwise appear to be in decent shape).
Start with soft bristle brush and soapy water. If labels are extant, do 
not wet them. Aluminum records did not survive well. Aluminum oxide set 
in quickly, making a cratered mess of their surfaces.

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