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David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
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Interesting. The spoken introduction is on a reissue CD I've seen listed 
(Bechet in paris). I don't need it but if it's online anywhere I may grab it. 
The London issue also doesn't list the names of the sections. I've found these 
for titles..does Lord list them as well? And the London issue is definitely 
91050, not 92050.

Overture: Entrance of the Father, Mother and Fiancee
Arrival of the Sleep-Walker and His Servant
Mother Tries to Succeed Where the Father Failed
Dance of the Servant
Fiancee Decorates the Attic
Sleep-Walker Dances With the Dead Fiancee


On 6/22/2012 3:26 AM, Julian Vein wrote:
> On 22/06/12 04:26, David Lennick wrote:
>> I don't have Lord online any more. Does it list Sidney Bechet's LA NUIT EST UNE
>> SORCIERE? I could use a date (Paris 1953, as far as I know) and early issues (I
>> know of Vogue LD 190 and London International WV 91050 (don't care about
>> subsequent CD incarnations).
>> dl
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>    From Lord 10.0:
> Sidney Bechet With Symphonic Orchestra:
> Sidney Bechet (sop,comp) acc by Symphonic Orchestra , Jacques Bazire
> (dir) James "Buster" Tolliver (arr) + others unknown
> Paris, May 18, 1953
>       La nuit est une sorciere    Vog (F)LD190, CSB2(ed), CLVLX255, London
>           (E)WV92050, Vog (F)34142 [CD], (G)69552 [CD],
>           (Eu)84252 [CD]
> Note: On the London LP the spoken introduction is missing.
> This piece composed by Bechet is a ballet.
>        Julian Vein
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