[78-L] Marconi Records with Sleeves

Clifford Bolling 78records at cdbpdx.com
Fri Jun 22 05:41:34 PDT 2012

The sleeves are blank on the reverse with no holes.  
Each sleeve has a small square of waxed paper glued to the inside covering the hole.
The first 2 of the waxed paper centers are intact, the other 2 have small tears in the middle. 
Also, the 4 little 'flourishes' are different on the first sleeve than the other three.
They are made from lightweight cardboard rather than paper.
Michael Biel mbiel 
at mbiel.com 
Thu Jun 21 23:31:03 PDT 2012  
WOW!!  Good find.  The sleeves are scarcer than the discs.  What is the
reverse of the sleeves?  Any printing?  From the picture it looks like
there is no hole on the reverse.  I have one of the two-sided Spanish
discs, and I wonder if there was a hole in the reverse of those sleeves,
and if they were in Spanish. 
Mike Biel mbiel at mbiel.com 
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From: Clifford Bolling <78records at cdbpdx.com> 
>Here is a peek at a recent acqusition, 4 Marconi records (by Columbia) with original sleeves: 
>Never thought I'd have any of these in my collection.  Very exciting!   CDB 

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