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leonard schwartz coonsanders at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 16:28:22 PDT 2012

when i click on the omport button nothing happens..thers nothing that says add file..theres and "audio files" record and cds..but nothing about add files..


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Save each track as an individual file, then import them individually in any order you want into the workspace. Each track will automatically be numbered. (There is a gap of 2 seconds between tracks.) Then burn a CD from that.

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i managed to make a cd with magix..it seems to be a pretty good software..what i did was with an lp i made it into one file..id play the lp with out stopping at the end of each side i hit pause and turn the side over..and keep doing it..i heard that can do this with single files like 78s..if i did with 78s how would i burn them?id put maybe 24 files and burn them to a cd seperately..how do i do this?thanks 4 your info..

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