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hi dave..
i managed to make a cd with magix..it seems to be a pretty good software..what i did was with an lp i made it into one file..id play the lp with out stopping at the end of each side i hit pause and turn the side over..and keep doing it..i heard that can do this with single files like 78s..if i did with 78s how would i burn them?id put maybe 24 files and burn them to a cd seperately..how do i do this?thanks 4 your info..


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Hi Lenny --

>dave|i tried to rec 2 lps into the computer..i got 2 sides of an lp and it stopped because i was busy with somting else..i >wasnt finished recording and it stopped recording.should i have the auto rec stop actived?

Generally the Auto-stop function works fine for me (except when
recording from a cassette), but you don't have to use it. Just uncheck
the box.

So you got 2 sides of one LP successfully recorded? That's ok. Just
leave the program open, put on another record, hit 'record' again and
start the record. It will add the next LP onto the end of what you've
just recorded.

Be sure and save the project as you go!

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