[78-L] BG question

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Mon Jun 18 05:07:55 PDT 2012

The 18 Nov 36 Tiger Rag (take 1) is unissued (see Connor, Goodman - Listen to his legacy).
Vic 40-0106 = 27-0119 has take 2 from 2 Dec 1936.
Both titles are on 6-track 10" RCA LPT-17 (1951 Treasury Imm. Perf. Series) 
& 12" LPM-1226 (prob. 1956).
The 10" was also issued as a 3x45rpm box in the WPT-series (Collector's Issue).
(containing silver label 45rpm 27-0119 etc).
I do not know the cat.nr of this Goodman WPT set, and Connor doesn't mention it.
Other WPT sets are by Bechet, "Great Trumpet Artists", McKinney's CP, etc.
Possibly a project of reissuing the earlier 78rpm jazz albums?

han enderman

>>> I have acquired a 10" vinyl DJ pressing of 2 sides by the BG Trio. 
Tiger Rag (27-0119), C6-VB-0002-1S. Label gives recording date of Nov. 18, 1936. 3:20
Oh, Lady Be Good. (27-0119) C6-VB-0003-1S. Recorded April 27, 1936. 3:00

So surely these are electrically transferred and not pressings from original parts, yes? 
I'm wondering why records made in the 30s would be 
included in "RECORD PREVUES coming attractions" in what appears to be 
late 40s/early 50s DJ copies. What's new about a record 10 or more years 
after it was recorded?
- Joe Salerno
Those were promos for ten-inch lp reissues, and I have no idea why they 
assigned retro matrix numbers..they were doing that in the 40s as well. Not on 
master pressings, I don't think, but definitely on dubs. Columbia also did this 
but retained the original matrix numbers.
The Benny Goodman Story was 1956.  When would these vinyl pressings have been issued?
I don't think it was in connection with the film, and most of those prevue sets 
I've seen are from around 1952-3.

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