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Sammy Jones sjones69 at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 17 23:08:32 PDT 2012

I've had a standalone Tascam CDRW 900 CD recorder for several years.  Very 
intuitive and excellent sound quality.  It's marketed to professionals, so 
you don't have to use the more expensive music CDR blanks.  The price point, 
however, is certainly reachable for many consumers and collectors of 78s.

Here's a link at Sweetwater, although I'm sure it's available at other 
places.  I got mine from Tape Warehouse in Atlanta.


All that being said, for the last few years, I've been recording into my 
computer using a Sony PCM-R700 DAT machine as my analog to digital converter 
(they're really excellent for that - just press Input Monitor!).  The DAT is 
hooked up to a mid-price range M-Audio Delta audio card in my computer via a 
SPDIF coaxial cable.  I record the incoming signal in Goldwave, which is 
cheap and excellent for .wav file editing.  The original master .wav files 
are stored on redundant hard drives, and I make make .mp3s or burn audio CDs 
very easily at a later time.

Using the DAT as an external A/D converter gets past the problem of letting 
an audio card in the computer handle the conversion.  Computer are notorious 
for introducing all kinds of noise into analog audio signals before they are 

This is how I transfer 78s, reel and cassette tapes, and radio 

There are infinite flavors or recording methods.  What do others do?

Sammy Jones
(back from a long bout of not checking 78-L!)

> On 6/16/2012 10:20 PM, David Breneman wrote:
>>   From: leonard schwartz<coonsanders at yahoo.com>
>>> t hen why would anybody want to buy an expensive cd burner when u can 
>>> get them
>>> for free on line?
>> If you're asking why someone would use a CD recorder rather than a PC, 
>> the
>> A/D-D/A converters that come stock with most PCs are pretty crummy.  Fine
>> for doing mp3s I suppose.  CD recorders have better converters, intuitive
>> controls (like a tape deck) and are very portable.  No fans, no monitor,
>> no stems and seeds that you don't need, etc. I've been using a Sony 
>> CDR-W33
>> for about 10 years now and I love it.  Sadly, they're no longer made.
>> _______________________________________________
> Ditto the HHB CDR 830, long off the market. Great for transferring from 
> since it automatically converts 48k and 32k to 44.1khz.
> dl

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