[78-L] Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

Dave Stuckey pappycalling at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 15:34:30 PDT 2012

>i dont think i can digital any side with exporting it..how so i do that?

"Digitizing" and "Recording" your LP track is the same thing. The
Export function is used when you're done assembling your sequence and
want to output it to CD or separate mp3 files, etc.

I've been using ACL for close to 10 years, thru different
versions...previously I've tried everything else, from Audacity to
Soundforge to Goldwave to I-don't-know-what-else...for such a cheap
price, it does so much (and has gotten better over the years).

Other programs like Nero (though I find some versions are buggy and
really slow a system down) are fine for copying CD's you've already
made, or assembling data discs filled with mp3's...but for digitizing
from vinyl - then cleaning, trimming, adjusting volume and ordering
tracks - ACL can't be beat.

re: Don Cox's question about adjusting time between tracks. Yes,  you
can do that in ACL quite easily. If you want, you can even cross-fade
one track into another.


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