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i dont think i can digital any side with exporting it..how so i do that?

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>hi david..thanks but what im trying to9 do is say i want to burn 2 lps 2 a cd..assuming they are under 80 minates..all i can get is side 1 of an >lp..this is usually 20 and theres still 60 minates on the cd..the is no "add button"to fill up that 60 minates remaing..do u know what i mean?

Hi Lenny --

I'm not sure what you mean by "all I can get is side 1"

when you've finished digitizing side 1 and hit 'record stop', you will
see a sequence on your screen that reflects side 1 of your record.
Flip it to side 2, hit "record" again and it will continue to record,
from the end of side one onward. When you're done, you can mark the
tracks by putting your cursor on the beginning of a song and hitting
the 'M" key. There is an option for Automatic track finding, but you
may have to adjust it (by dragging the marker).

You can make a sequence as long as you want -- hours long, even - but
when you go to "Export" to CD, it will tell you your sequence is too
long for a CD. There is a time indicator on your sequence that will
tell you how long your sequence is. Keep adding LP's until it shows
that you've reached somewhere close to 80 minutes.

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