[78-L] Why I never made it to Union

Tim McCormick Dad at TheMcCormicks.com
Thu Jun 14 18:31:11 PDT 2012


	After weeks of preparation, time and expense I drove 4 ½ hours to
Elgin and checked into the Hampton Inn on Thursday evening.  I was looking
forward to spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday with friends at the world’s
largest antique phonograph show hosted at Donley’s Wild West Town in Union,
IL.  This was my best and last face-to-face opportunity to convince other
talented individuals to replace me as President of the International Antique
Phonograph Society and as Editor of our magazine In The Groove.

	About mid-way during my drive, I started feeling a little feverish
and my stomach developed an ache, not really a pain.  I was blaming it on a
possible bad raison from the Trail Mix dried fruit I enjoyed the night
before.  I checked into the Elgin, IL Hampton Inn, and carried in my
suitcase and some of the equipment I brought along for the Phonovention
presentations.  I started feeling worse, so I called it a night and went to
bed at 8:00 p.m.  At 9:30 or so, I knew there was something a dose of
Pepto-Bismol just would not cure.  I got up and dressed, but I could not
stand up straight.  As I walked the hallway from my hotel room to the front
desk to ask for directions to the nearest hospital, knowing full well that
I’d never be able to drive there myself, I was met by a small group of
fellow antique phonograph collectors who were headed to their rooms, and one
person who was at that time a complete stranger to me, Bob Barnett, offered
to drive me in his car to the hospital emergency room.  He offered to stay
with me until I was either dismissed or admitted - this was at 10:00 at
night.  I gave Bob, my new found friend, the keys to my truck and asked him
to give them to the Hampton Inn’s front desk.  I had to make some quick
arrangements with HAPS President, Rich Buck, to empty my truck of all of the
items I had prepared and brought with me for our trade show booth so it
could be set up and ready for the event at 8:00 a.m. the following morning.
Rich, John Hauger, Joan Rolfs and I am sure many others pitched in and
completed what needed to be done in my absence.

	The CAT scan and blood tests proved that it was a ruptured,
gangrenous appendix.  I had the emergency surgery at 9:00 Friday morning as
Union was getting underway.  I was released from Sherman Hospital late
Monday afternoon.

	To put it mildly, I was very disappointed to miss Union and
Phonovention 2012.  Rich Buck dropped by the hospital with a card prepared
by Joan Rolfs and signed by several attendees and friends.  He informed me
that Phonovention was very successful and that Patrick Feaster’s
presentation room was packed to capacity.

	Now that I am home, I am receiving cards in the mail and E-Mails
from well-wishers with questions on what occurred, so I thought it best to
let everyone know I am doing great and getting ready to start compiling the
August / September Issue of In The Groove.

Convalescingly Yours,

Tim McCormick
International / Michigan Antique Phonograph Society

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