[78-L] Magix software

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Thu Jun 14 16:42:55 PDT 2012

On 6/14/2012 2:17 PM, leonard schwartz wrote:
> hi david..thanks but what im trying to9 do is say i want to burn 2 lps 2 a cd..assuming they are under 80 minates..all i can get is side 1 of an lp..this is usually 20 and theres still 60 minates on the cd..the is no "add button"to fill up that 60 minates remaing..do u know what i mean?

Sounds like you need to capture your records into a computer at one Are 
you trying to burn to CD in real time? Perhaps you should capture your 
records into the computer at one time and then burn to CD.

You may be able to add to a compilation, as long as you don't finish, 
finalize or close it. I do this frequently with CD-Roms. Don't know 
about audio CDs.

Or maybe I just dont understand the question.

joe salerno

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