[78-L] How About That Albequerque Ball?

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Thu Jun 14 09:52:54 PDT 2012

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BallTo party, as in Little Richards "Good Golly Miss Molly, Sho Like To Ball". 
Later, it meant having intercourse.

It's the "later" part that gets me; I do believe that "ball" was used as slang for intercourse long before the 1960s,
and I'm curious if any of our friends who are conversant with party records could cite chapter and verse on an 
earlier usage.

One of the pilots in Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from Outer Space" says to a stewardess, "How 'bout you and me ballin' it
up in Albequerque?" While it is clear that he is asking her if she's like to party and have a good time, the frankness
of the delivery and the double meaning of the word "ball" in this context invariably leads to embarrassed titters from
the viewing audience. The film dates from 1959, so perhaps that is why the author may think the more salacious 
usage did not come until later. 

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