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Thanks for that, I was trying to recall which of his sides I had!  My acoustics are in total disarray right now as I reorganize so I know I wouldnt be able to locate it. Anyway, no music, just him, at lead on this one side I have:



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> http://victor.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/talent/detail/61020/Guest_Edgar_A._author
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> I was reading a newspaper article about the popular poet Edgar A. Guest, 
> who was one of the earliest poets to embrace radio and do readings on 
> several stations.  The article that said in January 1922, the Victor 
> Talking Machine Company released "the first of a series of Guest Victor 
> Records," which contained the poet reading three of his most well-known 
> poems.   Does this mean he had his own subsidiary label, or was this a 
> public-relations strategy to capitalize on how famous and beloved Guest 
> was at that time by claiming Victor named a series of records after 
> him?  If anyone has heard this record (were there others?), is it just 
> his voice, or do they put music in the background?  I wonder if there 
> were other "radio poets" who made recordings.  I know Amy Lowell did 
> several radio readings in the early to mid-1920s (before her untimely 
> death) but I have never heard that she recorded anything.
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