[78-L] Okeh albums K series

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Hi Randy,
  MANY THANKS!  I've been looking for months, so this is greatly appreciated.
  Looks like this album was reissued on 10" Columbia HL 9009.
Best wishes, Thomas.

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Information on Okeh album K-2.  Took me a bit to find it.
Okeh K-2 - SWING YOUR PARTNER - Arkie the Arkansas Woodchopper and His Square Dance Band (c. 1941)
06296: "Arkansas Traveler (Calls: The Bird in the Cage)" (mx C-3875)//"Mississippi Sawyer (Calls: Forward Up and Split the Ring)"
(mx C-3876)
06297: "Soldiers Joy (Calls: Forward Up Six and Back)" (mx. C-3877)//"Sallie Goodwin (Calls: Sallie Goodwin)" (mx C-3878)
06298: "Walkin' Up Town (Calls: Circle Two Step)" (mx C-3879)//"Wagoner (Calls: Right Hand Lady by the Right)" (mx C-3880)
06299: "My Love Is but a Lassie 'O (Calls: Lady Round the Two, Gent Cut Through)" (mx C-3881)//"Light Foot Bill (Calls: Form a
Star)" (mx C-3882).

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Anyone know if there was a K-2 and K-5 and above or have data for them???

Best wishes, Thomas.

K-1  Cowboy Songs  Gene Autry
K-2  ???
K-3  The Wayfaring Stranger  Burl Ives
K-4  Theme Songs  [krupa; Masters; Tucker; Brown; Jurgen; Spivak; Basie; Calloway]
K-5  ???
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