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Beecham may very well conducted 'an orchestra of Texans'.  He was in the US during
much of WW2,conducting the NYPSO and the Seattle SO.  I'd not be surprised to find
that he guested at Dallas or Houston.  He had a knack of taking 2nd rank orch's and raising them near the levvel of the LPO....

Mike in Plovdiv

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I came across an interesting record the other day, (I just realized I seem to use that opener a lot);  I was going to ask the list about it but then I realized that a couple of years ago I purchased the book, "Country Music Records" by Tony Russell when I was attending ARSC and it has all the answers.  The record is a 12 inch Columbia disc which looks like it belongs to the "Viva~Tonal" era but this is an English Pressing.  It's by Carson Robison and his Pioneers and is entitled "Hill Billy Songs - Medley Parts 1 & 2".  This recording was apparently made in 1932 in London England;  I don't think it was ever released in the U.S.  It's a wonderful treasure which I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to; the sound is incredibly fine but it's hard to imagine such an American icon working with British engineers and producers;  it's almost as incongruous as imagining Sir Thomas Beecham conducting an orchestra of Texans.  

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