[78-L] Carson Robison

DAVID BURNHAM burnhamd at rogers.com
Sun May 13 10:47:52 PDT 2012

I came across an interesting record the other day, (I just realized I seem to use that opener a lot);  I was going to ask the list about it but then I realized that a couple of years ago I purchased the book, "Country Music Records" by Tony Russell when I was attending ARSC and it has all the answers.  The record is a 12 inch Columbia disc which looks like it belongs to the "Viva~Tonal" era but this is an English Pressing.  It's by Carson Robison and his Pioneers and is entitled "Hill Billy Songs - Medley Parts 1 & 2".  This recording was apparently made in 1932 in London England;  I don't think it was ever released in the U.S.  It's a wonderful treasure which I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to; the sound is incredibly fine but it's hard to imagine such an American icon working with British engineers and producers;  it's almost as incongruous as imagining Sir Thomas Beecham conducting an orchestra of Texans.  


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