[78-L] What was the last label to denote electrical recording?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sat May 12 13:57:24 PDT 2012

Continental did as well, with a similar ethnic customer base. And since 
"electrical transcription" was a standard phrase used in broadcasting, the 
phrase may appear on those labels much later than you'd expect.


On 5/12/2012 4:36 PM, Harold Aherne wrote:
> Here's one I've thought about a few times: what was the last label to contain
> some reference to electrical recording? The Standard label (which seems to have
> been recorded and pressed by Victor) still announced "Electrical Process
> Phonograph Record" in the early 40s, and so did the Orthophonic make (used
> for Greek and Turkish material and also made by Victor for Standard). Were there
> any others?
> -HA

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