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On 5/10/2012 3:16 PM, simmonssomer wrote:
> She joined Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions in Music circa Augusr 1941. First
> side,  "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" Bluebird B-11275 on August
> 25, 1941.
> She went on  to record sixteen more sides with Ayres on Bluebird into July
> 31, 1942.
> ADBD stops on this date and I have no information on her beyond it....yet !
Check Gray Gordon on Bluebird. I find
*(Shout Wherever You May Be) I Am An American (M/L: Leonard Whitcup; Ira 
Schuster; Paul Cunningham)*
Bluebird B 10783 (Meredith Blake, A. Perry and Chorus with Gray Gordon & 
His Tic-Toc Rhythm)
*The Yankee Doodle Polka (M: Vernon Duke; L: Mitchell Parish):
*Bluebird B 10942 (Meredith Blake & Chorus with Gray Gordon & His 
Tic-Toc Rhythm)

Grey Gordon Orch [feat. Art Perry and Meredith Blake] GENTLEMEN OF THE JURY

Mitchell Ayres here

AFRS with Shep Fields
*The Next Time I Care (I'll Be Careful) (C: Bronislau Kaper):
*Victor 20-1751 (Meredith Blake and the Shep Fields Orchestra)
on Vogue with Shep

Pretty girl

She was a busy girl for a while!

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