[78-L] Diamond Disc mould.

Thomas Edison edisonphonoworks at hotmail.com
Wed May 2 08:14:53 PDT 2012

Re metal part.  To play a vertical master would you not want an upside down U shaped stylus to fit over the inverted, hill-and -dale groove? Such as the fancy term you used, I think is what you mean, or are you staying two trunicated styli that ride both sides of the groove. Mostly likely play them back on a liner tracking turn table.  You could make epoxy resin test pressings from them too  Norman B should be able to help you do that, since they are making new Diamond Discs.  It  might be possible to make a  metallic soap pressing   I can practice this, with a regular  lateral 78  stamper that I have and see if I can get it down to a science and let you.  I imagine if the wax is fildterd 4 times it should be pure enough for a clean copy, and almost like playing a wax master. 


Shawn Borri

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