[78-L] Pye Records 78s in the Philippines

Anthony G Pavick pavukanton at gmail.com
Tue May 1 11:35:27 PDT 2012

Here's an interesting late 78 from the Philippines that showed up on 
eBay last week. Taken from the UK LP by the Searchers, 'Meet the 
Searchers' from August 1963, you get the LP tracks Love Potion #9 b/w 
Farmer John on PYE-305.


It went for the surprisingly reasonable price of US$76.00

There are a few conclusions that can be made form this. Pye had a 
habit in the Philippines of releasing and entire LP as a set of 78s, 
although not packaged as such. Therefore the rest of the LP may have 
appeared on 5 additional 78s.

The pressing was by Dyna, who also pressed 78s for EMI (Parlophone 
and Columbia), Cameo/ Parkway, and Liberty well into 1966. So, I 
wonder how late Pye continued with 78s in the Philippines.

This is the latest I yet to see from Pye in the Philippines, but it 
does leave the possibility open for 78s by the Kinks, Petula Clark's 
60s output, and the Honeycombs


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